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Hello everybody,

I know it has been a while since I started this group, as well as my Dr. Who group, and have
had to neglect them due to life calling so loudly!

Anyhow, I do make it here at least a couple times a month, but do intend to once again utilize DA to
make some of my freebies available, as well as some premium kits.

As far as this group, let's get active, and make it beautiful. I have updated the about page here as well, as the original forum website also got neglected for larger projects over the last 2 years, so needless to say......

Let roll!
Hi Guys, Just wanted you all to know, we are doing some work on the site, and you all should start thinking about joining and inviting others now.

Also, Please welcome TWYLYGHT as our new Admin there, she is especially knowledigable with the Tagging and Scrapping we will be working with there as well! So Calling All Artists! Come on over and show us what you got!
I have decided to rebuild what I started on an old tried and true paltform.

Lucky for me I made the decision less than a week in, but fact is, that Zetaboard platform is really not for someone who wants to manipulate their website and its themes, so here is the new website link and address.

Much better place for a bunch of artists who want to learn, share and promote their work!
That is our GOAL!

We have linked up to Twitter (check), created our Facebook page (check),
created our Blogger (check), DeviantArt (wip), check check check!

Do you write tutorials? Do you believe you could? Would you like to try?

Allons-y! Let us know!

Do you just want to hangout with other artists and your friends? Carry On!
There is an atmosphere for creation here!

Do you just want to learn everything you can, without expensive classes or schools.
Learn from others and teach yourself through experimentation.

Do you have some extra time during the day to be a part of our new staff.
Help build and maintain a community of art and artists. Join the Graphica Arts Society and contact us!

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